Vitamin B3 Niagen & Its Effect On Human Body

Nicotinamide riboside is a very well-known drug that is being commercially traded all over the world. It’s a kind of drug from nootropic group of drugs which are known as “smart drugs.” In 1964 it was synthesised at the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB and till now it’s very famous drug among students as a memory booster. The medical term nootropic has come from a Greek word which means waking up of your brain. It also helps to recover various diseases and is widely used for the treatment of aging, Alzheimer’s disease, clotting and coagulation of blood, vasospastic disorders, alcoholism, depression and anxiety, stroke, ischemia, schizophrenia, craniocerebral trauma and as a preventive for breath-holding spells. It is a piracetam drug which has many brand names for trading in different countries. In Argentina Nicotinamide riboside is traded as a piracetam drug.

The mechanism of its action is actually not fully understood. It has been observed that N(r) influences the functions of neuron and as a stimulant it also influence cognitive and vascular functions. It makes the brain to increase blood flow and more oxygen consumption due to enhanced brain activities. It also boosts the memory and learning process by affecting NMDA glutamate receptors of our brain. This drug also helps to increase permeability of mitochondria during Krebs’s cycle of our brain. As it increases the synthesis of cytochrome b5 and which actually is a part of electron carrier system in mitochondria. [Read more...]

Treating Brain Trauma With Nicotinamide Riboside

Mental disorders or brain injury recovery are illnesses that are affected by abnormal functioning of the brain. They are generally characterized by different symptoms like abnormal thoughts, emotions behavior and relationship with others. A good example is mental retardation due to drug abuse the good news is that most of these can be treated.

Some of the mental disorders you may come across are depression, stress, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. All this disorders have their signs and symptoms and most of them will tend to be associated with the brain. Brain trauma affects the normal physical and psychological functions of a person. Other disorders are so severe that they can cause death.  People with mental problems have weird behavior and it is not wise to seclude them from the society, behaviors like starting unnecessary fires screaming aimlessly and gambling can be treated if they get the necessary support from their family members and friends. Secluding them will only make their condition worse. [Read more...]